Spontaneous travel, irresponsible or the best opportunities?

Ever had a friend ask, “Hey we’re going out of town for the weekend, you wanna come?” Sometimes it’s a great idea sometimes it’s not. How do you always weigh the options and make sure the spontaneity is done right.

My favorite is at the end of a trip when you should be finishing up and packing but you see other opportunities and adventures, your friends might not be going home or if they are you got the invite and sounds better than just going back home. These trips can be some of the best adventures ever! I remember after my birthday weekend in NYC for Govenors Ball right into Bonnaroo we decided to go to Nashville for a few days to see friends. We had a great time exploring but when talking to all my friends especially fest pass friends, they kept talking about another festival Paradiso the following weekending in Washington! All I heard was that it was an amazing festival with a better line up than I’d just seen, but the location and venue were so beautiful. But this meant flying across the country when I was supposed to be back home.

So after talking with my good friend brad we decided to jut go for it, we had the money for it and we could drive back home to South Carolina to refuel do some laundry and repack before we headed back out. Had one night to check in with work, say hi to all my friends, and make sure everything was set for me to be gone for another week. Had a great night then basically napped before we hopped back in the car to head to the airport.

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